Our Products

We offer the most comprehensive, diverse, and innovative range of products to satisfy all the needs of the meat and food industries.

We provide the industries which we serve, with products we are proud of, from facilities that we know are unequalled in Africa. We have highly qualified, dedicated and committed staff to provide superior product design and technological excellence to customers.

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You will find a Crown National Factory Mart in just about every single province across South Africa. These outlets give meat lovers across the country the chance to experience the high quality of our brands and products. These food factory shop offers a wide variety of products, from spices to sausage casings, packaging, accessories and plenty more.

We are passionate about our business and products and our experienced staff have many years of experience in the meat and butchery industry. We will assist you in finding the right products to suit your requirements.

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Food Ingredients

We offer the most comprehensive, diverse and innovative range of products to satisfy all the needs of the meat and food industries.

Natural Sausage Casings

Crown National is a supplier of natural hog and sheep casings of superior and consistent quality to customerrs situated across Sub Saharan Africa.

International Ingredients Principals

Our International Principals are integral to the success of our business. Through our International Principals we have access to world-class technical support and cutting edge ingredient solutions.

Cellulose and Collagen Casings

High quality cellulose and collagen casings that are attractive and easy to use.


Crown National ensures that our customers have access to the latest in packaging quality and technology. We guarantee quality, size and quantity at all times.

Product Labels

Crown National offers you the product labels of excellent quality for a wide range of products.

Retail Meat Equipment

Crown National supplies high quality meat processing equipment to the butchery and food industries. We pride ourselves on being innovative and reliable, providing unequalled service.


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