Meat Cut

Meat Cut Identification

At some point, anyone who cooks beef, lamb or pork is curious about where the major cuts come from on each of these animals.

These handy guides below will show you the location of major beef cuts, like chuck, rib, loin, and brisket; cuts of lamb like the leg, loin or breast and various cuts of pork. You'll also discover which cuts are considered the best.

Beef Chart

Curious about the different beef cuts like chuck, rib, loin or brisket? Here’s a handy beef cuts chart along with descriptions.

Lamb Chart

Curious about the cuts of lamb like the leg, loin or breast? Here’s a diagram of the various lamb cuts.

Pork Chart

Want to know more about the various cuts of pork? Here’s a diagram of the pig showing where each pork primal cut comes from.