The Batch Pack System

The unique Crown Batch Pack System offers you the following advantages:

Convenient Time Saving eliminates the need for weighing separate ingredient quantities.
Consistency of Flavour each batch of product you prepare will contain the same, accurately weighed ingredients, giving you better quality control. Preservatives and cures, where applicable, are packed separately within the Batch Pack.
Reduced Stock Holding a variety of ingredients need not be held in stock. All the ingredients you require are blended in their correct proportions in each Batch Pack.
Eliminated Wastage no spillage or spoilage of separate ingredients as Batch Pack contents are pre-weighed and the total contents of each pack is used.
Freshness Batch Packs are only opened prior to use. Non-Batch Pack ingredients, once opened, can lose their freshness if only partly utilised.
Quality Control the quality of raw materials used in each blend is carefully monitored and controlled by Crown National through its Microsafe® process.
Batch Control each Batch Pack contains a production batch number which allows Crown National to track the raw materials used in the unlikely event of a quality problem.


A Typical Batch Pack Contents Could Include:



Meat Products fresh sausages such as Boerewors, beef, pork, mutton, chicken sausage and braaiwors.
cured and dried sausage such as pepperoni, salami, cabanossi and dry wors.
cured meat cuts such as ham, biltong and bacon.
smoked and cooked sausage such as russians, viennas, kassegriller, frankfurters.
emulsion products such as loaves, french polony, viennas, pate’s, mortadella and frankfurters.
Poultry Products injection brine for pumping of whole birds and portions.
Sauces & Condiments dry and wet cook in sauces, marinades, sauces and bastings.
Baked Goods pizza dough, breads, cakes and buns etc.
And any other applications where combinations of functional ingredients are used in a batch system.
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