Product Labels

The Department of Health decided to deal with the finalization of the regulations in two phases. The first phase has been concluded with the publication of the new regulations on 1 March 2010, with the contents covering among others, the following aspects:

  • “Use by” date: to be mandatory on perishable pre-packaged foodstuffs and a prohibition regarding the sale thereof after the date has expired as it relates to the safety and/or suitability of the products in question, i.e. microbial growth;
  • “Best before” date: to be mandatory for non-perishables but no prohibition placed on the sale thereof after the date has expired in view of it relating only to the optimum freshness, thus quality aspects, of these products;
  • Batch number and physical address of the manufacturer to ensure traceability;
  • Declaration of common food related allergens;
  • List of ingredients contains vital information about the contents of the foodstuff e.g. colourants, preservatives, etc.;
  • Correctness of nutritional information to support validity of nutrient content claims e.g. “high fibre” or “trans-fat free”, etc.;
  • Quantitative Ingredient Declarations (QUID) where special emphasis is placed on the presence of a specific ingredient e.g. % of chicken in a chicken pie; and
  • Storage instructions before and after opening.
  • Name and physical address of the manufacturer, importer or seller.
  • Country of Origin.
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