How to Cost a Meat Block

Typical meat block using a boerewors product as an example:

Beef (80:20) 20kg @ R35 = R700
Pork (70:30) 10kg @ R28 = R280
Vinegar 5% 1litres @ R2.60 = R2.60
Water 1kg @ R0 = R0
Batch Pack 1.1kg @ R59 = R64.90
33.1kg = R1047.50
Cost per kg is therefore R31.65 finished product

The above cost does not include the cost of the casing which can be calculated as follows:

Fill one bundle of the casing, weigh the end product and divide the number of kilograms into the cost per bundle to give a cost per kg.


Casing costs R59.95 per bundle
Filled bundle weighs 48.00kg
Cost of casing per kg = 1.25
Cost of meat block per kg = 31.65
Cost of casing per kg = 1.25
Total cost per kg is therefore R32.90 which excludes the cost of packaging and labour.


NOTE: Prices of meat, spices and casings fluctuate. The prices used above are merely for the purpose of example.

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