An important step in the meat grilling process is choosing the right seasoning for your steak. There are so many BBQ recipes that you can choose from, and each one is probably going to make your meat taste absolutely amazing, but still, we are always looking for a new and better recipe.

We turned to one of our experts for some advice on creating amazing grilling and steak rub recipes that are going to give your food a unique, signature flavour. From unexpected flavours, to tips on using great grilling techniques and giving those ready-made favourites a different spin, so read on and get some new ideas for when you need to season your next steak.

Even if you’ve got the very best dry rub on the market, the best tasting meat usually starts with a good grilling technique. Jeremy Tennehill who is the Executive Chef at “Public House” gastropub in Chicago, Illinois, says that you should always know the heat source. “There are two types of heat, direct heat and indirect heat” When you have the quicker food items to cook, like steak and asparagus, then you should use direct heat. Otherwise, used indirect heat (like coals) when you are cooking the slower cooked foods for example, pastrami. Chef Tannehill also recommended that we use seasoning judiciously. “Using too much garlic, salt or chilli powder. . . don’t do it!” At “Public House”, chef Tannehill makes use of sumac spice an all of his steak rubs. “The  middle-eastern spice is enriched in the primal, animal flavour of the beef”.

The Editorial Director of, Shaunya Hartley suggested that the more exotic flavours make the best BBQ dry rubs. “I like to do a dry rub from time to time with Saffron, sometimes a red or green curry, or Star Anise. . . Star Anise gives a slight liquorice component.”

Star anise is very popular in India, China and other Asian countries, it is among the primary ingredients in their traditional five-spice powder of the Chinese cooking. Star anise is also very often found in absinthe, making it very unexpected among steak seasoning ingredients.

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