Sausage Casings

Crown National specialises in a selection of expertly made sausage casing that includes natural, as well as collagen and cellulose casings. As the oldest form of processed meat, sausage may even be considered to be the world’s very first convenience food. Over the years, sausage making has evolved to become a highly developed craft. Many families have handed down their own unique sausage recipes through many generations. The sausage boom of the 20th Century led to sausages being produced in mass. For many families however, recipes survived. The result is a wide variety of speciality sausages across the world.

World-Class Sausage Casing

Crown National offers natural as well as cellulose and collagen sausage casing for sausage makers of all sizes. What these casings have to offer customers as well as butchers and factories is the ability to ensure a perfect final result.


Natural Sausage Casings

Sausage is the oldest form of processed meat, perhaps even considered as the world’s first convenience food.

Over the years, sausage making has become a highly developed craft and many families have handed their particular art of sausage making down through generations.

The choice of sausage casing is of paramount importance to the end product and Crown Nationals Gold Crown quality casings are your guarantee that you are using the finest and best selected natural sausage casings available.

Our ultra-modern, fully equipped, casings and distribution plant situated in Johannesburg conforms to international standards as set by the most modern distribution and casings selection plants around the world.  We exercise strict quality assurance and control under stringent hygienic conditions.

Cellulose & Collagen Casings

While our natural casings remain a popular favourite, technology has paved the way for new innovations. Cellulose and collagen offer an artificial alternative for natural casing. To produce a high quality cellulose casing, it is essential to use high quality raw materials. Cellulose is found in many sources, with the finest quality found in cotton. Collagen casings meanwhile are made from high quality collagen. This is a natural protein that has a very high mechanical resistance that is also easily digested.

Both cellulose and collagen sausage casings offer the same level of quality, consistency and hygiene. At Crown National, we offer only the very best casings through our partners, Viscofan, Colfan and Naturin. Browse our cellulose and collagen casings in the Crown National product catalogue to learn more.

Got any questions? Contact Crown National today for more information on our superior sausage casings range.

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