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Crown National Brands

From tasty seasonings and spices, tantalising sauces, marvellous marinades and plenty of other innovative products, Crown National brands all have one thing in common… they are designed with meat lovers in mind.

Leading Crown National Brands

Some of our showcased products in the Crown National brands offering include the following:

Six Gun Grill®

Add value and flavour to your food with Crown’s best-selling BBQ seasoning. Six Gun Grill® is a well-balanced blend of herbs and spices and is ideal for grilled beef, chicken and lamb as well as potjies, mince and stews.


Crown National’s Ouma’s® boerewors is the finest example of a recipe perfected over time. Presenting medium flavour with roasted coriander, Ouma’s® is the choice of butchers and meat lovers countrywide.

Chief’s Choice®

This affordable fresh meat range, features new flavour development, functional technology, competitively priced meat block options and great new additions to the brand. The Chief’s Choice® range includes batch packs for meatballs, a burger and Chief’s Choice® Chargriller® is available in three great flavours – original, chilli and tomato and the famous Induna Wors.


Sizzler™ offers the perfect blend of African spices, adding plenty of sizzle to every meal. Available in Sizzler™ batch packs, this brand proves that local is definitely lekker.

Fire and Spice®

Fire and Spice flavours change the ordinary into the EXTRAORDINARY! Comprising of easy to use 7g sachets sold in a skillet holding 20 sachets, these flavoursome packages are the perfect way to enhance butchery offerings. Flavours include Mzanzi Chicken, Peri Peri and Six Gun Grill® BBQ seasonings.

Jimmy’s Sauces®

Jimmy’s Sauces® include the famous ‘Jimmy’s Steakhouse Sauce’ that has taken the country by storm. This versatile sauce has been developed and perfected using the finest herbs and spices, making a delicious marinade or basting sauce. As it is oil based, it has an optimal shelf life.  The range also includes Jimmy’s infused Sweet Mustard, Chip & Burger sauce and Salad Dressing.

So Good®

So Good® allows consumers the benefit of a tasty home-cooked meal without the hassle of cooking, resulting in meal replacement options that is not only tasty but also healthy. View the So Good® recipe book for meal ideas or try the So Good® costing programme and ingredient declaration spreadsheet.

Safari® Seasoning for biltong, dry wors and chilli bites

Africa’s most popular biltong seasoning is enjoyed by many countries outside Africa, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and even China. With its beefy, coriander and pepper notes, this seasoning produces a mild old-fashioned biltong blend that tastes exactly the way you like it.


The Stetson Burger range is undoubtedly a favourite Crown National brand – hot off the grill! The range includes the Stetson® Chargrill Burger, Stetson® Cheese Burger and the Stetson® Pepper Burger.


MeisterClub® products have established themselves over many years and have become synonymous with superior quality. All MeisterClub® products are top of the range and invariably perform well in their respective fields. The range includes marinades and processed meat batch packs

Something Chunky®

A superb range of dry marinades with real fruit chunks and ingredient pieces that add plenty of flavour and customer appeal. Mix 1kg Something Chunky® marinade to 2l water.

Gold Crown® Natural Casings

Only the highest quality and most tender casings qualify to be branded “Gold Crown®”. Crown National is justifiably proud to be recognised as a leader in the supply of natural casings of good and consistent quality to their customers.

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