South Africa is a strong culture of meat eaters. With so many traditional and enjoyable meat dishes being enjoyed in our country, it is no surprise that opening up a food factory or butchery can be an incredibly lucrative venture for those with the know-how to get it right. Though possibly more important than experience is a butcher’s ability to source the appropriate equipment, since a bad workman can, to some extent, always blame their tools. So, if you have been looking to venture into the world of food production, specifically where meat is concerned, here are some of the most crucial and commonly found appliances that every butchery or factory should have.

Biltong equipment

You simply cannot call yourself a South African butcher if you haven’t got the means to make our county’s favourite treat; biltong! To this end, producers need to make use of equipment such as cutting implements, a cool area and the correct type of biltong dryer. Of course, you will also need all of the appropriate spices and flavours to go with it; whether you are producing chilli bites, safari biltong or centenary biltong.

Meat slicers, mincers and strip-cutters

Beef, pork, lamb and mutton all come in various shapes and sized depending on what your customers aim on using them for, and as a quality butchery, you need to be able to provide them with this assortment with relative ease. To this end, it is necessary to have cutting, slicing, and mincing machinery, as well as an understanding of how to use them safely and hygienically.

Cooking and smoking cabinets

For smoked, cooked or cured meat products, you will need to invest in the right appliances to handle large quantities of foods while being able to prepare them correctly. This is why every butcher should have cooking and smoking cabinets on hand to ensure that they can prepare a variety of meat dishes with relative ease.

Filling equipment

Sausage and boerewors are often the order of the day at family braais, so ensure that your shop has what it needs to cater for this market. Natural sausage casings and filling equipment will see to it that you can provide your customers with this long-loved delicacy of most South African meat eaters.

Burger patty machines

What could be more enjoyable to a meat eater than sinking their teeth into a juicy burger. Give your customers what they want by investing in burger patty machines that will enable you to create succulent beef, pork or chicken patties to be enjoyed by your end users.

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There is of course, a lot more to be said about the vast array of available butchery equipment, and the ones that you select will have a lot to do with your unique approach to the food industry. For more information on sourcing food supplies from a trusted supplier in South Africa, contact Crown Nationalor visit our website for further details and catalogues of our products and supplies.

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